Military Hearing Loss Claim Amounts

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The Impact of Military Deafness

The loss of hearing can have a significant impact on a veterans quality of life. Many of the veterans we have looked to pursue compensation for have struggled for years with not being able to hear in social situations or demanding working environments once they leave the army. Hearing loss and tinnitus can lead to social isolation, difficultites with communication, reduced job prospects and in cases we have dealt with in the past have a significant impact on mental health.

Like any other employer the military is also bound by the noise in work regulations act 1989.  They have a duty of care to provide their employees with adequate noise protection equipment if they are exposed to noise above 85db.  If they are or where negligent of this and your hearing has been damaged then we can look to assess how much damage has been sustained.

Hearing loss can manifest itself in a very subtle manner.  It is not always completely apparent you may be suffering with damage although classical symptoms.

Understanding Subtle Signs of Hearing Loss:


Ringing or buzzing sounds in the ears.

Difficulty in Group Settings:

Struggling to hear clearly in noisy environments or gatherings.

Speech Perception Challenges:

Mishearing specific words or syllables in sentences.

Concentration Required:

Difficulty hearing in noisy places, requiring focused attention.

Eligibility for Military Noise Damage Claim:

Service Criteria:

Served in the British Army, Navy, or special forces after 1987.

Exposure to Excessive Noise:

Experienced consistent exposure to noise levels exceeding 85db during military service. Exposure sources include:
- Weapon firing
- Mortars
- Engine noise
- Aircraft noise
- Explosions

Who can claim for armed forces noise induced hearing loss?

If you are current armed forced personnel or have left the army you can claim for armed forces noise damage. To make a successful claim our expert ENT Audiology team will diagnostically test and review your claim to check its validity. Once tested we will process your claim with our expert ENT consultants and our panel of solicitors specialising in noise damage claims who will then process your claim and pursue compensation.

Hearing loss pre 1987

Unfortunately if your claim is pertaining to hearing damage pre1987 while working for the British armed forces we cannot test or pursue your claim due to the technicalities associated with making a claim through the crown proceedings act.

Who provides military noise damage compensation ?

The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) is a government scheme run by veterans uk to help compensate for any military personel who have been subject to any illness or injury as a consequence of their time in the military. In this instance they also compensate for any noise induced hearing loss claims. This is a scheme for all personel who have suffered with noise damage on or after the 6th April 2005.

If your claim pertains to damage before the 6th Aril 2005 then we will pursue your claim through the war pensions scheme.

If your noise damage is as a consequence of noise damage

There are 2 main types of AFCS awards:

• Lump sum payments (tax free regardless of personal tax threshold)
• Guaranteed income payments (tax free regardless of personal tax threshold)

What is the claims process?

1. Discovering the Sound of Your Story:

Begin your journey towards rightful compensation by seeking a precise diagnosis from our skilled ENT audiologists and consultants. We employ cutting-edge diagnostic testing to accurately evaluate any hearing impact from noise exposure. Rest assured, our focus is on delivering accurate results, free from marketing biases. Our comprehensive tests, including advanced broadband tympanometry, go the extra mile, detecting cochlear dead regions often overlooked by standard hearing tests. We understand that sometimes, damage isn’t obvious, and we strive to uncover the true state of your hearing health.

2. The Expert’s Insights:

After a thorough examination, our specialized ENT consultants will craft a detailed report based on the diagnostic findings. This invaluable report is then passed on to our seasoned solicitors, boasting two decades of expertise in handling compensation claims related to noise-induced hearing issues.

3. Saving Time, Amplifying Accuracy:

We prioritize accuracy and efficiency. Many hearing tests may inadvertently factor in variables like earwax or other ear canal irregularities, skewing results. To counter this, we meticulously clear your ears using microsuction before conducting any tests. By doing so, we ensure the most precise and reliable test outcomes. Your time is valuable, and we strive to streamline the process for you, focusing on an accurate understanding of your hearing health.

4. Your Trusted Audiologists:

Rest easy knowing you’re in capable hands. Our audiologists are dedicated professionals, committed to providing accurate assessments at our hearing centers nationwide. If coming to us proves challenging, we’re more than willing to arrange a convenient appointment at your residence. With over a decade of experience in diagnostic noise-induced hearing testing, we have the expertise to guide you through this important journey.

5. Honoring Veterans’ Stories:

For our esteemed veterans, seeking compensation and support for hearing loss or tinnitus stemming from military service is vital. Our comprehensive claims process aims to honor your service and ensure you receive the rightful compensation you deserve. Understanding this process and gathering the necessary evidence can significantly improve the prospects of a successful claim. If you or someone you know is a veteran facing hearing-related challenges, let’s explore this avenue together – a step towards reclaiming the symphony of life.

All claims are on a No Win No Fee basis