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Why Choose Hearing Aids Birmingham?

We are a small team of audiologists who love, live, and breathe audiology. We are a local company who have served the hearing needs of our local community for 10 years now.

why you should choose us as your Hearing Aid in Birmingham provider:

  • We appreciate that every patient comes in with their own unique bespoke hearing aid requirements and this is what we try to facilitate through our patient-centred approach to find them the best hearing solution for their hearing loss.
  • We give you the time you need to make the decision you want to regard your hearing impairment. The company is run by ethical, compassionate audiologists who love what they do and take that culture and passion into the consultation room to give you the best possible experience in helping you understand your ears.
  • One of the greatest trepidations patients fear is the fear of being sold to or coerced into buying hearing aids. This is unfortunately a very real phenomenon in an industry that is heavily commissioned based.  I’m sure we have all heard of someone having a bad experience like this. At the earwax specialist group, we pay our audiologists ethically with no commission-based structure to ensure our integrity is not compromised and to give you the most impartial informative experience.
  • We provide all our patients with a free one-week trial of all the latest hearing aids from the world’s leading manufacturers.  This is open to anyone who wants to experience the benefit of top-end technology without having to worry about being obligated to purchase hearing aids.  This is not the same as a money-back guarantee which requires you to purchase and then return the hearing aids.  This is our genuine attempt at allowing our patients to try the best hearing aids in the comfort of their own space and listening environment.
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Are you suffering with any of these symptoms?

  1. Difficulty understanding speech: Struggling to comprehend conversations, especially in noisy environments, can be a sign of hearing loss. People may frequently ask others to repeat themselves or misunderstand what is being said.

  2. Muffled or distorted sound perception: Hearing loss can lead to sounds becoming unclear, muffled, or distorted. It may feel like certain frequencies or parts of speech are missing or difficult to hear.

  3. Increasing volume: Individuals with hearing loss may frequently increase the volume of their television, radio, or other audio devices to hear more clearly. Others around them may find the volume uncomfortably loud.

  4. Social withdrawal: Hearing loss can make it challenging to participate in conversations, leading to feelings of isolation or frustration. Some individuals may avoid social situations or become withdrawn as a result.

  5. Tinnitus: Tinnitus refers to the perception of ringing, buzzing, or other sounds in the ears or head, unrelated to any external source. It can be a common accompanying symptom of hearing loss.

  6. Misinterpreting sounds: People with hearing loss may misinterpret certain sounds or words. They might confuse similar-sounding words or have difficulty distinguishing speech from background noise.

It’s important to note that these symptoms can vary in severity and may be experienced differently by individuals. If you suspect hearing loss, it’s best to consult with our friendly audiologists for a initial consultation

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Hearing Aids Birmingham
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We offer quality hearing aids and tinnitus rehabilitation in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Wolverhampton, and across the West Midlands. We are very confident that we can find the best solution for your hearing loss. We truly listen with empathy and seek ways to help you find the perfect hearing aid that best suits your level of hearing loss as well as your lifestyle needs. So, go ahead and get in touch with us today for your free hearing loss consultation.


We offer a highly personalized service that includes continuous aftercare, regular hearing tests, and servicing of your hearing aid.

Hearing Aids Birmingham
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A hearing aid is an amplifying device that is custom-programmed to amplify any type of hearing loss.  The hearing aid will generate a prescription based on an individual’s hearing loss and then look to provide optimal listening performance in a multitude of environments including background noise through its noise cancellation and directional microphones.  What you are getting is an incredibly sophisticated device that is capable of filtering multiple noise sources to allow you to hear in any environment effectively.

Hearing aids are required when a patient is starting to struggle to hear in certain situations.  This may be in simple one-to-one situations or more complex background noise environments with multiple noises or sounds interfering with speech processing.

Hearing aids work in a very sophisticated way, they are more then just amplifying sound. The processing chips in the most advanced hearing aids are constantly monitoring the environment to provide you with the best speech in noise processing available. The hearing aids have significant noise reduction capacity to allow you to hear in even the most demanding listening situations

Hearing aids come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.  The two primary categories are receiver in the canal aids or in the canal aids which sit inside the cavity.  Both types of devices are very discrete to the extent that most hearing aid users find that most people don’t notice they actually wear hearing aids.

A hearing aids most significant feature is its capacity to filter out background noise.  Most hearing aid users find this to be the most difficult listening environment.  Generally speaking the more expensive a hearing aid the more acute its ability to filter out unwanted background noise.  Most manufacturers spend tremendous amount of research and development in fine tuning the capacity of a hearing aid to perform well in more demanding listening environments.

The cost of hearing aids can vary depending on the level of technology a patient wishes to acquire.  This is dependent on the patient’s lifestyle and expectations from a hearing aid.  The demands of an individual who just wants to hear the tv better over someone who still works, socializes, or attends meetings will be quite different.

We have found from experience that patients who wear hearing aids regularly are certainly less aware of the perceptual sound of their tinnitus.  This is because the hearing aids provide an alternative sound for the brain to focus on thus alleviating the perception of a patient’s tinnitus.  

Research and evidence-based peer reviews have suggested that the effort required to listen causes cognitive fatigue.  This means the brain has to work harder than it should in engaging with the listening pathway in the auditory cortex. PET scans have shown other parts of the brain are thus having to engage in the listening process.  There is a link between cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s, and dementia in patients with hearing loss.

Hearing aids generally whistle mainly due to two reasons.  The patient may be presenting with occluding ear wax in the canal. There may be a programming issue with the aid not providing an adequate seal to contain the sound in the ear canal.

No, we are a local Birmingham-based independent with three full-time hearing centers in Kingsheath, Sutton Coldfield, and Sturbridge. We are a regionally based independent hearing aid supplier covering a large part of the West Midlands. We are very locally focused and take great care to supply to areas where we know we can offer a high standard of aftercare.
We maintain a small and loyal team of audiologists who live locally and have been with us for many years to give you the continuity and consistency of care you would want from your hearing aid provider.

All our hearing aid audiologists are fully qualified, experienced and highly trained Registered Hearing Aid Dispensers. It is against the law to supply hearing aids if unqualified and not on the HCPC Register of Professionals. You can check whether an individual is qualified to supply you with hearing aids easily on the Health and Care Professions Council website (HCPC).

All of our hearing aid devices come with a 5-years extended warranty to give you the peace of mind you need to ensure your hearing aids remain in good working order and last the test of time.

We supply hearing aids from all the leading manufacturers.

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We supply both the smallest receiver in the canal and completely in the canal hearing aids available on the market from all the leading hearing aid providers

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