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We would not recommend Q Twists, hopi ear candles or any of its derivatives as we have found these to cause wax to be pushed right to the back of the ear. This can cause the eardrum to perforate or at the very least cause trauma to the ear.

Every PX is different and every circumstance we see is different.
Some px’s need regular ear wax removal every 6-12 months however it is difficult to identify when a px requires it as they usually cannot see inside their ears to establish if they need  clinical intervention.

A good trick would be to buy a small ear endoscope which can be purchased from Amazon for £5-10 pounds which will allow you to look in you ears regularly and gage when it might be a good idea to come in to have wax removed rather then wait for ears to completely block.

Ear wax removal can help with vertigo. Your balance organ (vestibular saccule) is connected to your ears and any blockage of the ear canal can affect the compliance of your eardrum and in turn affect middle ear pressure which can make you disorientated and cause vertigo.

We often find when removing ear wax from the eardrum itself px can suddenly become very dizzy as the pressure is released of the eardrum which can cause some very temporary rotary dizziness which lasts for a 1-2 mins before fatiguing.

We always advice a qualified Audiologist or a practitioner nurse with experience in ear nose and throat.

Any other practitioner with a background not in Audiology simply wont have the experience to deal with complex difficult cases and you usually want a audiologist with 100’s of ear wax removal procedures under their belt.

We have dealt with so many cases were by patients have had terrible experiences with practitioners who have made glaring mistakes.

Ear wax removal drops usually peroxide based including name brands like Otex and Sodium bicarbonate drops are great for breaking down hard abrasive wax in the ear ready for ear wax removal.

In some instances they can break down wax sufficiently to the extent were by earwax removal may not be required as the wax has sufficiently dissolved, however we find that this in most cases depends on the size of the cavity.

We usually deal with a lot of cases were by the wax has turned in to a semi liquid which slides down the ear canal and settles on the drum completely sealing the canal.  This makes for a far more uncomfortable experience for the patient as the symptoms are far more acute. 

Our Audiologists cover most of the West Midlands

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We offer Home visit services for ear wax removal  for all our patients who can sometimes find it difficult to leave homes due to mobility and other health concerns.  Our cost for home visits varies depending on location.  Please get in touch with us to get a quote.  

Our audiologist will call you to arrange a suitable time and will come out to you.

You can call our secretary Jenny to book all appointments Monday- Friday  9-7pm.

Alternatively you can book online using our online diary.  It is sometimes better to call our secretary if you cannot find a suitable online appointment as we always try to squeeze patients in where possible.

Please call her on 0121 369 0780

For some px’s olive oil works well however for others it can exacerbate the problem further.  The primary reason for this is every ear canal has a slightly different size and orientation.  Narrower ear canals are by design going to get blocked more often then cavities with a larger diameter. 

If you have been using olive oil and there is no relief then it might be sensible to have it professionally removed,  rather then persisting with drops which can sometimes cause the wax to slip on to the eardrum and make the condition worse.

Every patient comes in with varying symptoms.

The symptoms can be as follow

Tinnitus (new or exisiting tinnitus which has increased in intensity)

vertigo- mild to severe balance issues

otalgia- pain along the back of the neck or jaw either mild or acute in nature.  This sometime presents as a numbness

Reduction in hearing

Itchiness or crackling in the ear

Most kits found on Amazon or heavily advertised are not regulated or endorsed by the medical and health regulation authority in the uk.  We have found som many patients who have come in the otitis externa infections, perforations (tear of the eardrum),  or ear wax pushed on to the eardrum. This is a consequence of using self syringing kits from Amazon or ebay or using tvidlers or Q Twists or its derivatives.

One of the symptoms of impacted ear wax is tinnitus.  Having a ear wax removal procedure with endoscopic microsuction will help relieve the symptoms of tinnitus.

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