Ear wax removal Worcester/Bromsgrove

ear wax removal worcester

Ear Wax clinic @ Worceter Osteopath medical clinic

We are now providing Ear Wax Removal in Worcestershire, the service is located at our practice in the heart of Worcester on St Marys Street @ The Worcester Osteopath centre.  At this CQC registered site we perform endoscopic microsuction using the most up to date procedure for successful extraction of Ear Wax.

Microsuction uses gentle medical suction and endoscopic microscopes to gently remove ear wax from the ear canal.  We use medical grade single use disposable instruments to gently remove any cerumen in the ear canal.  We also provide before and after pictures as well as live video recording of the procedure.  As a result  patients can see the procedure being performed to ensure a good patient experience.

Our practitioners are all trained by our lead ENT audiologists who also run a national training school for Audiologists wanting to be trained for providing micro-suction services.  Therefore our patients can be rest assured they will be getting the highest level of expertise and care when booking appointments.

We run 2 clinics a day for ear wax removal in Worcestershire and Bromsgrove aso if you find this may not suit you could book in to any of our other clinics running on the same day.

please call us on 0121 369 0780 or alternatively email us to book at info@earwaxspecialist.co.u

Pricing Worcester clinic

Endoscopic microsuction
£ 60 one or both ears
  • Home visits available
  • Endoscopic video microsuction
  • same day appts
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