Ear Wax removal Training

Ear Syringing Microsuction Training Course

  • The micro suction Ear Wax Removal Training program is run by experienced micro suction audiologists who see over 20,000 ears a year so are very experienced with both routine and complex micro suction cases.
  • One of the fastest growing areas in healthcare.  There are over 4 million procedures a year being conducted and it is still a massive growing market with a ageing population.
  • There is a huge demand for micro suction services nationally with the demand outstripping the capacity to see the volume of patients requiring the service.  Now is the ideal time to provide a much needed service in your community.
  • The earwax removal courses are Midlands based in the heart of Birmingham at our two purpose built clinical training centers in Sutton Coldfield and Moseley.  These locations are purpose built centers, we do not see you in conference centers or hotel suites.  These are clinical sites for a clinical procedure.
  • We are aware of expensive training programs out there which rely solely on dummy training, synthetic wax, hotel conference rooms, training enmasse and will then sign you off on the procedure without having ever practiced on a real human ear.  We will tell you now regardless of what is said to enroll you on to a course without real patients you will not have the skills or confidence to perform the procedure safely.  We have had many professionals call us searching for and having to pay out for a second course in order to develop the skills and confidence they actually need.  This is why we limit our numbers and spend weeks in between courses getting you the patients you will need on the day. Think twice pay once!
  • The ear micro suction course runs for two delegates at a time to allow for maximum exposure to your clinical tutor and practical practice on real patients. This will allow the delegate the time they need to get up to speed with the use of micro suction loupes.  We want to provide a course with real value and real practical application for health care professionals,  this is the reason why we keep our numbers very limited per training course.
  • The cost of the ear wax removal course is £700 with no vat applicable.  The course also incorporates ear irrigation training along with the micro suction procedure.  Competence in both procedures is paramount to be a good all round ear wax removal practitioner.  This gives you the value you need with out the need to pay for separate courses unnecessarily when to all extent in purposes you really need both to remove ear wax effectively on a case by case basis. We will train you on both on the same day.
  • There is now a 3 month interest free installment plan available for all course and equipment packages to help spread the cost of your setup as you build your business.
  • All delegates will practice on real patients, we go to great lengths to ensure that the courses are run in a way which gives our delegates relevant exposure to real cases coming in to clinic.  You will both observe typical patients coming in for ear wax removal procedures then participate in removing ear wax on real patients.
ear wax removal training center

Ear Syringing Training
Learning Outcomes| Ear Wax Removal Training Course

Microsuction course will cover the following principles

  • Ear infections pathologies and contraindications for the microsuction procedure.
  • Common ear pathologies
  • Difficult cases and when to refer on to allied professional
  • Contraindications
  • Ear irrigation using bionix as an alternative to microsuction
  • Ear irrigation using propulse irrigator
  • Record keeping, gaining consent
  • Microsuction consumables and instrumentation
  • Using loupes as well as variations with different magnifications
  • Live clinic to allow for both observation and practise on real patients!
  • Physiology and Ear anatomy
  • Infection control and cross infection single use instruments and how to minimise risk
  • Professional indemnity insurance and which insurer to choose
  • If our delegates meet our minimum requirements this will provide you with the certification to perform micro-suction in your own clinics.
  • The course runs from 9.00 am- 4.30 pm to allow you the maximum time and opportunity to fine tune your skills
  • The course costs £700 with no vat element on the course
  • CPD approved course providing CPD certification

Ear Wax Removal Training Course

The earwax removal training course is for the following professionals

  • Audiologists
  • Hearing aid dispensers
  • Hearing care assistants
  • Previous ear care related experience.
  • Physician associates
  • GP’s and other qualified doctors
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • Allied health care professionals looking to extend scope of practice to incorporate ear wax removal


  • You will be trained by experienced microsuction audiologists with over 10 years of experience. Our audiologists all have previous NHS experience and worked across most NHS ENT departments across the West Midlands.
  • They all have a minimum standard Bsc in Audiological sciences and have extensive experience of ear related pathologies and more importantly the micro suction procedure with thousands of procedures under their belts.
  • That balance between clinical expertise and teaching makes them ideal to deliver the most comprehensive training.
  • All of our trainers perform the microsuction and ear irrigation procedure on a daily basis, you will be taught by expeerts with a wealth of experience.


Our training takes place at either one of our two bespoke hearing centres in Birmingham

Sutton Hearing Care
1 Sutton Oak Corner
Sutton Coldfield
B74 2DH


Birmingham Hearing Care
310 Haunch Lane
B13 0QS


0121 369 0780


Ear Wax Removal Training Course Competence

  • All delegates must show a minimum level of competency before they are signed off.  Each delegate will be mentored and guided by our training team to ensure they demonstrate the adequate skills.
  • The course is equivalent to 6.5 CPD points


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Our course is delivered from our practise and clinical training centre in the heart of Birmingham.  We provide a comprehensive course designed to provide you with all the basic skills you require in order to provide an ear wax removal service in your practise.

both distribute and produce some of the core consumables required for ear wax removal which we can provide at discounted cost for our delegates

The training is provided by one of our clinical lead audiologists.  Our audiological clinical leads are very experienced with the micro suction procedure. 

They have been peforming the procedure in NHS ENT departments for 10+ years.  You will be trained by clinical experts in the microsuction procedure who will be able to pass on a decade of experience.

Our audiologists are qualified up to Bsc and Msc standards in audiology and have been in practice for over 15 years.  The ear wax removal training  program has now been running for three years and we have successfully trained over 300 healthcare practitioners in this time.

We always run a clinic with our training.  You will therefore be able to observe real patients coming in with genuine problems.

Our delegates will also have the opportunity to observe and train on real ears.  We will also train on one another as well as training on realistic dummy ears.  You will therefore be able to observe real patients coming in with genuine problems.

We will run this course for a maximum of 2 delegates – however for larger groups we can either provide multiple trainers on the same day or run multiple days to get everyone trained.

Yes we do our full equipment package includes all the consumables that you need to get started immediately including the all important suction unit and loupes. The cost of the package is £1300 inc vat. 

The equipment package comes with the following

  • ear wax removal loupes designed for ear wax removal.  We have a 50,000 lux light with rechargability along with a optical lens which is anti fog, anti scratch.  The loupes also come with a insert so any delegate with a prescription has the capacity to have their lenses inserted in to the frame to compenste.  (These are not your cheap amazon loupes ) these loupes are used by our practitioners every day and have been extensively tested to ensure that they work in lign with the orientation of the ear canal and are specific to the microsuction procedure.


  • Suction unit


  • Suction tubing


  • 100 zoellner suction pens


  • 4mm 5mm 6mm ear wax removal speculum (150pcs)


  • sodium bicarbonate


  • bionix irrigation equipment


  • suction liner

All purchases of equipment can be made through our medical consumables company mrkmedical.co.uk

We are a audiology led provider who provide clinical ear wax removal training at our clinical training centres purpose built for training our delegates.

We can see over 1500 patients a month for ear wax removal and hearing related pathology so you will be trained by the most experienced microsuction audiologists.

We have over 2000 collective reviews on google and Trustpilot as a business to give you an indication of our credibility as the best and most experienced trainers in the UK.