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Our team of Audiologists work through several sites across Birmingham and the West Midlands running 4-5 ear wax removal microsuction clinics a day.  We provide services like Ear wax removal Hagley, Ear wax removal Edgbaston, Ear wax removal Great Barr Ear wax removal Kingsheath. The clinic in Kings heath and Sutton Coldfield are our busiest and our oldest practices which we have been practicing over the last few years. We have had the pleasure of seeing thousands of patients at the practices over the years all leaving with happy smiles and more importantly happy ears.

The practice has free onsite and street parking with NHS-approved rooms. Recently we have had a new renovation to make our site completely Covid-19 secure for all our patients. Disabled facilities, disabled toilets, and 3 clinic rooms are available at the practice.

We also work from several centres aross Birmingham including Sparkhill, Great Barr, and Edgbaston.  This therefore allowes us to give you coverage across the city as we are well aware of the difficulties travelling across the city.


Ear Wax Removal Birmingham
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The clinical team is made up entirely of Ent audiologists who have worked in ENT hospital trusts across the West Midlands. Consequently, this makes them very skilled and highly experienced with the micro suction procedure. 

The use of endoscopic microsuction allows us to remove wax from the eardrum effectively, a procedure that can only be performed with a high level of experience and training. We also provide a mobile home visit service for patients with mobility issues in the community. 

This service is essentially the same procedure you would receive in any of our clinics. All our equipment is portable so if need be we can see you in your home for the procedure. All appointments can be made through our practice manager Jo Mooney who will happily book you in for your consultation with us.

Our clinical bespoke hearing aid centres in the heart of Birmingham are in close proximity to most inner city Birmingham locations in  South Birmingham and North Birmingham.

We have custom made clinical rooms designed specifically to provide a clinical, safe, and hygienic environment to conduct the microsuction procedure.  We do not rent out clinic rooms in pharmacies, physios, or spareroom.com to conduct our procedures.

We have invested heavily in our clinical setup to give you the best healthcare provision for your hearing.  We use state of the art endoscopic equipment to view your ear and perform the procedure using single use instruments. Birmingham Hearing Care has now moved from our existing location which was at The guildhall Practise 265 b Alcester Road South  Birmingham B14 6DT to our new site 1/2mile further down the road at Birmingham Hearing Care 310 Haunch Lane Kings Heath B13 0QS.

Please be advised you will now no longer need to come alont the busy Alcester Road South as most px can now avoid this road and come along the Highfield road, Yardley Wood Road to get to us.

Public transport Number 18 bus stop immediately outside. Plenty of on street car parking available with no restrictions. The location is is within a 15 min drive from the following locations

Sparkhill  11 mins > Small Heath 15 mins > Edgbaston 20 mins > Moseley 4 mins > Northfield 15 mins > Hollywood/ Wythall  10 mins > Solihull/ Shirley 18 mins 3 miles > Hall Green 8 mins

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Sutton Coldfield Hearing care is in the heart of Streetly. This clinical site caters for patients in North Birmingham which also covers all the surrounding areas in North Birmingham.

We have on street parking available and also provide balance testing, hearing aids from the worlds leading manufacturers, and endoscopic ear wax removal using microsuction.

We are very close to the following areas also

  • Kingstanding
  • Handsworth
  • Perry Barr
  • Great Barr
  • Walsall
  • Tamworth
  • Lichfield







Birmingham Ear Wax Removal Microsuction clinics​

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Ear Wax Removal Sparkhill​

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Ear Wax Removal Apollo Surgery Great Barr

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Ear Wax Removal Soho Health Centre ​

Ear Wax Removal Apollo Surgery Great Barr

Ear Wax Removal Edgbaston​

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Micro suction ear wax removal is the gold standard of ear wax removal. It offers a safer and more gentle way to remove ear wax than traditional irrigation methods. The technique involves using a endoscopic microscope or TTL surgical loupes and a medical suction aspirator with a suction pen.The procedure is quick and painless – it can take as little as a few minutes to extract the wax safely from the ear.
Although micro-suction requires very little intervention we always advise a few drops of olive oil in the ear to help soften the wax. We often find the softer the wax the easier it is to remove out of the ear. However in saying that the over use of drops can turn the wax in to a viscous sticky liquid in the ear which can slide on to the eardrum so try not to use drops excessively.

We would recommend olive oil drops for 1-2 days or Otex but this is dependant very much on an individual to individual basis

We also provide water irrigation for the ears. For some patients microsuction is not always stable especially when dealing with particularly soft wax as a consequence of over use of drops. In such cases we use the irrigation method which involves the controlled pressure of water at body temperature in the ear in order to remove stubborn deposits of wax which deposit themselves on th eardrum. Your clinician will determine which would be the better procedure on the day of the appointment

Ear wax removal drops usually peroxide based including name brands like Otex and Sodium bicarbonate drops are great for breaking down hard abrasive wax in the ear ready for ear wax removal. In some instances they can break down wax sufficiently to the extent were by earwax removal may not be required as the wax has sufficiently dissolved, however we find that this in most cases depends on the size of the cavity. We usually deal with a lot of cases were by the wax has turned in to a semi liquid which slides down the ear canal and settles on the drum completely sealing the canal. and causing complete deafness, our advise is to use drops for 2-3 days before coming in for an earwax removal

We always advice a qualified Audiologist or a practitioner nurse with experience in ear nose and throat. Any other practitioner with a background not in Audiology simply wont have the experience to deal with complex difficult cases and you usually want a audiologist with 100’s of ear wax removal procedures under their belt. We say this because unfortunately due to the unregulated nature of the training you could potentially be having a invasive procedure undertaken by a non audiologist with no previous experience in audiological medicine.