Ear otoscopy Training Course

The Ear otoscopy training course has been designed by professional audiologists to help pharmacists and other medical professionals upskill to the new pharmacy first initiative due to be rolled out on the 31st January 2024.

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The training course can also be accessed for other healthcare professionals who are working in the medical field who will find the course useful.

The course adheres to BSA guidelines on undertaking otoscopy.

Course Content


You will be trained by NHS audiologists with 15 years of clinical experience in the audiology field. All training will be conducted at our hearing centres. All practitioners have an extensive knowledge and experience of pathologies to be looking for.


The cost of the course is £220

Locations 1

Sutton Hearing Care 1 Sutton Oak Corner Sutton Coldfield B74 2DH

Locations 2

Birmingham Hearing Care 310 Haunch Lane Kingsheath Birmingham B13 0QS


The course is accredited by CPD certification and you will receive a certificate of completion

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