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Ear Wax Removal Birmingham & Solihull

The Ear Wax Specialist offers ear wax removal in Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Stourbridge, Nottingham, and Stoke On Trent. We are a team of highly experienced audiologists and advanced practitioner nurses who provide earwax removal and ear microsuction audiology services. All our practitioners go through extensive training and have at least 10 years of ENT microsuction experience to deal with even the most difficult cases of impacted cerumen. All practitioners are insured and qualified in providing safe ear wax treatment and removal.

We provide all four methods of earwax removal be it manual extraction, water irrigation, microsuction or the new endoscopic microsuction procedure rest assured we will choose the most appropriate and safest method for extraction.

Ear Syringing Birmingham/Solihull /Nottingham/ Staffordshire/Worcestershire

If you have been advised you need ear wax removal using the traditional ear syringing method by your GP or healthcare provider then we can help.

The loss in hearing which is sometimes compounded by tinnitus, jaw pain or a fullness in the ear is usually the consequence  of earwax. Ear wax is made up of a number of different compounds including cholesterols, alcohols, lipids and acts as a deterrent against infection, it is produced by sweat and sebaceous glands in the ear canal.  Cerumen or ear wax naturally migrates out of the ear laterally and medially until it falls out of your ear.

The problem however is there is such variability in the shapes and sizes of ear canals  that as keratosis, the natural process by which ear wax moves from the back of the ear to the front takes affect it can sometimes get stuck in the cartilageinous middle of the canal.  The reasons for this are numerous but one of the most significant reasons is the use of cotton buds which stop the natural migratory path of the wax out of the ear canal. 

Our ear wax specialists use a variety of tools to safely and effectively remove excess ear wax from your ears. Call us today for ear syringing in Birmingham, Solihull, and the surrounding areas we cover.  We do not require our patients to use olive oil in their ears before coming to us as we use surgical endoscopes to look in the ear so even tough abrasive wax can be removed using manual extraction.

Same Day Ear Wax Removal Birmingham

Need to get same day appointments? Not a problem We provide same day ear wax removal in Birmingham, Solihull, and the West Midlands.  Most patients who call us generally do require appointments on the same day or within a day or two.  We appreciate how distressing blocked ears can be so we try to provide a service which is as accommodating as possible for patient needs.

At the Ear Wax Specialist, we pride ourselves on providing exemplary customer care and satisfaction and use the latest state of the art equipment in helping our patients with their ear-related issues.



Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal Coventry Leamington Spa

We are now open in two new locations in both Coventry and Leamington Spa for ear wax removal. Our ENT trained audiologists are now available at our two new sites in Warwickshire and our team is ready to take bookings today.



Watch our informative Ear Wax Removal procedure videos click social media handles below

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HCPC Registered

8 Clinic locations in Birmingham, Covering clinics across The West Midlands/ East Midlands and Staffordshire

“I undertook micro suction training with the Ear Wax Specialist and can vouch for their high level of competence and expertise.”




The safest procedure for the safe removal of ear wax from the ear canal as recommended by the guidelines set by national institute of clinical excellence. It involves the extraction of the wax by introducing a small amount of suction in the ear which removes the wax safely from the ear. Especially beneficial for impacted wax again the drum which can be caused by using ear buds or caused by poor ear irrigation techniques where wax has been pushed against the ear drum. We provide before and after video evidence of eardrum micro suction for all patients if required using our state of the art endoscopic microsuction




We have 8 locations available across the West/ East Midlands including Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Stourbridge, Coventry and Warwickshire with flexible times for all our patients so they can fit us around busy working schedules. We have evening clinics available as well as home visit services across the West Midlands so call us today


Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure

Our team of audiologists are all insured and fully qualified with 10 years of experience working with ENT consultants on micro-suction clinics. This means procedures which require removal of wax from the eardrum can be completed effectively which you find most practitioners struggle with as it requires a significant level of experience to undertake this.

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Same Day Ear Wax Removal Birmingham


Home visits Available


Ear Wax Removal Birmingham & Solihull
Ear Wax Removal Birmingham & Solihull



Jo Boyes



Excellent Service! Audiologist removed was which had not previously been removed by…

Lynn Myers



  I am very impressed with the service I received. Very professional…


Luke Cooper

John Worthington


“Great wax removal in and out in 5 minutes professional service”

Charlotte Williams

Sarah Fisher


Fabulous service & great results! The audiologist was available the same day within 2 hours of me contacting them online. The procedure was completed in less than 15mins, super efficient & super effective. I can now hear properly again. Would thoroughly recommend this service and provider. Thank You

Helen Barbour

Michael Finch


  The audiologist responded very quickly, visiting my 86-year-old mother less than 48 hours after I made contact. As she has dementia, clear communication with her is crucial and so we were relieved to have her hearing restored. The home visit was also invaluable, given that Mum is recently out of hospital and her mobility is poor – it was a good price for that, too. When I spoke to him about the appointment, he was very understanding about our need for a confirmed time slot, so that Mum and her carer could be ready for him, (rather than the 3-hour slot originally offered) and phoned on the day to let us know he was running 15 minutes late. which was very helpful. Mum’s carer said the audiologist had ‘a lovely manner’ with Mum, which was so nice to hear. Highly recommended!

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