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Some of the most impressive features include directional microphones, which help to focus the device's attention on the sound source, noise reduction to suppress unwanted background noise, and feedback cancellation to reduce distortion. Many of these devices also come with wireless connectivity options, allowing them to connect directly to smartphones, TVs, or other devices to provide a fully immersive hearing experience. With rechargeable batteries and sleek, discreet designs, today's state-of-the-art hearing aids offer a highly effective solution to hearing loss for millions of people around the world.

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Ear Wax Removal Birmingham Solihull Sutton Coldfield

The Ear Wax Specialist offers ear wax removal in Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Stourbridge, Wolverhampton, and Coventry.

We have built two state of the art custom hearing centers for the provision of safe, clean, ear wax removal.  We also  provide hearing aids from the worlds leading manufacturers.

We are a team of highly experienced NHS trained audiologists and advanced practitioner nurses who provide earwax removal and ear microsuction audiology services.  All our practitioners go through extensive training and have at least 10 years of ENT microsuction experience to deal with even the most difficult cases of impacted cerumen. All practitioners are insured and qualified in providing safe ear wax treatment and removal.

We also provide state of the art hearing aids from the worlds leading manufacturers.  Our Audiologists have 15 years of experience in fitting the best peformance hearing aids in background noise.

We provide all four methods of earwax removal be it manual extraction, water irrigation, microsuction, or the new endoscopic microsuction procedure rest assured we will choose the most appropriate and safest method for extraction.

Ear wax is made up of several components which are secreted from sweat glands, sebaceous, and ceruminous glands in the outer two thirds of the ear canal. The secretion of this often waxy, sticky discharge is known as earwax. It is made up of a combination of squamous and keratin which makes up 60% of its composition with the remainder of its components being alcohols cholesterols and fatty acids. You rarely find this type of secretion in the back of the ear canal unless it has been pushed back with a cotton bud, excessive use of drops, or a finger from experience.

The secretion of wax has a functional purpose namely to protect the ear from bacterial or fungal infections and it does this by maintaining a slightly acidic PH to reduce any bactericidal or fungicidal activity in the ear canal through its antimicrobial properties.

Ear wax also has a lubricating and moisturising effect in the ear canal, preventing the absorption of water in the ear canal due to its waxy sticky surface and therefore preventing microbial activity in the ear canal.

Ear wax also has a variance within the population in its colour and texture depending on the population.

  • Southeast Asian populations tend to have harder drier, flakier wax, some Southeast Asian populations present with dry stringy wax consisting of dead skin.
  • Most European populations present with wet sticky brown wax which tends to be the most common and dominant type of wax we encounter in clinic.

Should we be cleaning our ears out? Searching for Earwax Removal Birmingham?

It is not necessary for patients to try to clean their ears out. The human ear has a wonderful self-cleaning mechanism whereby wax naturally migrates out of the ear three or four times a year. Ear wax usually migrates out of the ear canal laterally and medially and is carried out of your ear by a natural migration of dead skin which sheds itself of the eardrum travels along the ear canal and drags the ear wax along with it to the front of the ear.

Why do our ears get blocked?

The diversity in the shape and size of ear canals means that some of the population present with narrow ear canals which tends to be more of an issue as you get older with a general breakdown in elastic and cartilaginous fibres in the first third of the ear canal. This narrowing of the ear canal then prevents ear wax from migrating out of the acoustic meatus, you will then find you are more prone to obstructive wax blockages. We find hearing aid users having the same issues due to the natural obstruction caused by a hearing aid component fitted in the canal.

Another reason patients present with blockages is they have used a foreign body to push the wax further down the ear canal. This often is caused by a cotton bud which causes both abrasion along the canal walls and disturbs the natural migration of wax out of the ear canal.

In the most acute cases we are often finding wax trapped in the bony canal in the back of the ear canal or on the eardrum. This often for us becomes a non-routine procedure which requires specialist intervention from our clinical leads who are ENT trained to remove wax of the eardrum itself. Most Earwax Removal Birmingham Audiologists or practitioners or High Street providers will not remove this type of earwax of the eardrum as it deemed as an acute case which required onward referral to ENT for extraction.

Symptoms of ear wax

  • Itchy ears
  • Reduction in hearing
  • Aural fullness, headaches, or jaw pain
  • Tinnitus
  • Pain (especially with tough abrasive wax)
  • Tickly cough loss of taste
  • Dizziness or imbalance

What do I do if I have a blockage

If you have tried proprietary drops from your GP and you have found it has not resolved the issue, then it is time to have it micro suctioned.

In our Earwax Removal Birmingham clinics we use surgical endoscopic cameras to gently vacate and suck out the wax from your ear canal. The procedure is quick, effective, and most importantly safe. Most patients usually find they are hearing within 10 minutes post procedure.

Ear Syringing Birmingham/ Sutton Coldfield/ Solihull

Our ear wax specialists use a variety of tools to safely and effectively remove excess ear wax from your ears. Call us today for ear syringing in Birmingham, Solihull, and the surrounding areas we cover. We do not require our patients to use olive oil in their ears before coming to us as we use surgical endoscopes to look in the ear so even tough abrasive wax can be removed using manual extraction.If you have been advised you need ear wax removal using the traditional ear syringing method by your GP or healthcare provider then we can help.

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Ear wax removal birmingham


Many of our patients come in with issues and symptoms synonymous with ear wax,  however present with other pathologies. All our audiologists can diagnose middle ear fluid or Eustachian Tube Dysfunction amongst other pathologies and refer you back to your GP for correct treatment or pass you on to our  ENT consultant if you would like to discuss further intervention.

We have heavily invested in diagnostic equipment to save you from having to wait for long waiting lists for ENT appointments.

Many of our patients have advised how our successful diagnosis has helped them receive treatment far sooner for their ear nose and throat issues.

Earwax Removal


Need to get same day appointments? Not a problem We provide same-day ear wax removal in Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, and the West Midlands. Most patients who call us generally do require appointments on the same day or within a day or two. We appreciate how distressing blocked ears can be so we try to provide a service that is as accommodating as possible for patient needs.

At the Ear Wax Specialist, we pride ourselves on providing exemplary customer care and satisfaction and use the latest state-of-the-art equipment to help our patients with their ear-related issues.

Got some questions?

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We would not recommend Q Twists, hopi ear candles or any of its derivatives as we have found these to cause wax to be pushed right to the back of the ear. This can cause the eardrum to perforate or at the very least cause trauma to the ear.

Every PX is different and every circumstance we see is different.
Some px’s need regular ear wax removal every 6-12 months however it is difficult to identify when a px requires it as they usually cannot see inside their ears to establish if they need  clinical intervention.

A good trick would be to buy a small ear endoscope which can be purchased from Amazon for £5-10 pounds which will allow you to look in you ears regularly and gage when it might be a good idea to come in to have wax removed rather then wait for ears to completely block.

Ear wax removal can help with vertigo. Your balance organ (vestibular saccule) is connected to your ears and any blockage of the ear canal can affect the compliance of your eardrum and in turn affect middle ear pressure which can make you disorientated and cause vertigo.

We often find when removing ear wax from the eardrum itself px can suddenly become very dizzy as the pressure is released of the eardrum which can cause some very temporary rotary dizziness which lasts for a 1-2 mins before fatiguing.

We always advice a qualified Audiologist or a practitioner nurse with experience in ear nose and throat.

Any other practitioner with a background not in Audiology simply wont have the experience to deal with complex difficult cases and you usually want a audiologist with 100’s of ear wax removal procedures under their belt.

We have dealt with so many cases were by patients have had terrible experiences with practitioners who have made glaring mistakes.

Ear wax removal drops usually peroxide based including name brands like Otex and Sodium bicarbonate drops are great for breaking down hard abrasive wax in the ear ready for ear wax removal.

In some instances they can break down wax sufficiently to the extent were by earwax removal may not be required as the wax has sufficiently dissolved, however we find that this in most cases depends on the size of the cavity.

We usually deal with a lot of cases were by the wax has turned in to a semi liquid which slides down the ear canal and settles on the drum completely sealing the canal.  This makes for a far more uncomfortable experience for the patient as the symptoms are far more acute. 

Our Audiologists cover most of the West Midlands

We have four clinics in Birmingham covering both North and South Birmingham

We also have clinics in 


Sutton Coldfield


Leamington Spa



We offer Home visit services for ear wax removal  for all our patients who can sometimes find it difficult to leave homes due to mobility and other health concerns.  Our cost for home visits varies depending on location.  Please get in touch with us to get a quote.  

Our audiologist will call you to arrange a suitable time and will come out to you.

You can call our secretary Jenny to book all appointments Monday- Friday  9-7pm.

Alternatively you can book online using our online diary.  It is sometimes better to call our secretary if you cannot find a suitable online appointment as we always try to squeeze patients in where possible.

Please call her on 0121 369 0780


For some px’s olive oil works well however for others it can exacerbate the problem further.  The primary reason for this is every ear canal has a slightly different size and orientation.  Narrower ear canals are by design going to get blocked more often then cavities with a larger diameter. 

If you have been using olive oil and there is no relief then it might be sensible to have it professionally removed,  rather then persisting with drops which can sometimes cause the wax to slip on to the eardrum and make the condition worse.

Every patient comes in with varying symptoms.

The symptoms can be as follow

Tinnitus (new or exisiting tinnitus which has increased in intensity)

vertigo- mild to severe balance issues

otalgia- pain along the back of the neck or jaw either mild or acute in nature.  This sometime presents as a numbness

Reduction in hearing

Itchiness or crackling in the ear

Most kits found on Amazon or heavily advertised are not regulated or endorsed by the medical and health regulation authority in the uk.  We have found som many patients who have come in the otitis externa infections, perforations (tear of the eardrum),  or ear wax pushed on to the eardrum. This is a consequence of using self syringing kits from Amazon or ebay or using tvidlers or Q Twists or its derivatives.

One of the symptoms of impacted ear wax is tinnitus.  Having a ear wax removal procedure with endoscopic microsuction will help relieve the symptoms of tinnitus.


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The Dangers of Excessive Earwax

The Dangers of Excessive Earwax

That greasy, often gross, buildup occurs more often in older ears than those of the young, experts say. And when it goes unrecognized, it can pose serious problems,

Ear Wax Removal Difficulties

Ear Wax Removal Difficulties

The clinically safe method for ear wax removal as highlighted by the NICE guidelines is the microsuction method which has now predominantly superseded the ear irrigation…

What is Earwax?

What is Earwax?

Ear wax is made up of several components which are secreted from sweat glands, sebaceous, and ceruminous glands in the outer two thirds of the ear canal…



The safest procedure for the safe removal of ear wax from the ear canal as recommended by the guidelines set by national institute of clinical excellence. It involves the extraction of the wax by introducing a small amount of suction in the ear which removes the wax safely from the ear. Especially beneficial for impacted wax again the drum which can be caused by using ear buds or caused by poor ear irrigation techniques where wax has been pushed against the ear drum. We provide before and after video evidence of eardrum micro suction for all patients if required using our state of the art endoscopic microsuction



We have 8 locations available across the West/ East Midlands including Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Stourbridge, Coventry and Warwickshire with flexible times for all our patients so they can fit us around busy working schedules. We have evening clinics available as well as home visit services across the West Midlands so call us today


Safe and Secure

Our team of audiologists are all insured and fully qualified with 10 years of experience working with ENT consultants on micro-suction clinics. This means procedures which require removal of wax from the eardrum can be completed effectively which you find most practitioners struggle with as it requires a significant level of experience to undertake this.