One Day Course


Theory & Practical

Ear Wax Removal Training Course

  • The course is conducted over one day and constitutes the following:
  • The course is led by BSc accredited audiologists with 15 years of experience and lead by a lecturer at one the uk top audiology programmes.
  • We are based in the heart of Birmingham at our dedicated training facility and clinic which will cater and prepare you for all three forms of wax management
  • Endoscopic microsuction using our otopront endoscopy system
  • Use of loupes
  • Ear irrigation using propulse irrigator or bionix

Why Choose Us?

  • We will provide you with all your core consumables to get you started.  This will include Zoellner pens disposable speculum, suction unit, medical loupes all at the best price point currently available.We distribute and manufacture our own core consumables so we can forward on these savings to our delegates.
  • We always run the course alongside a clinic which runs at the same time to give our delegates real term observations and practical experience of performing the procedure.
  • We will guide you on how to build your clinic after training as we have received feedback from many of our delegates wanting help on building websites seo and marketing strategies.
  • You will be taught by audiologists who run successful clinics across the country providing microsuction.  Last year as a company we cleared over 25,000 ears so you are in expert hands in terms of experience.
  • We also have JVP opportunities available across the country giving you the backbone to drive patients to your clinics as we have a team of 5 in house marketing experts who are at hand to provide the digital marketing experience to run a successful practise.(Separate cost)
  • The cost of the course is £420.00

The course is available for the following delegates

This course has been specially designed to benefit individuals in clinical settings at any skill level, it is appropriate for –

  • Audiologists
  • ENT nurses
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Pharmacists
  • Registered hearing aid dispensers/hearing care assistants
  • Physician associates
  • Paramedics

Course Content

MORNING 8.30pm-12pm



  • Practical session instrumentation dummy training

Course competence

  • All delegates must show a minimum level of competency before they are signed off.  Each delegate will be mentored and guided by our training team to ensure they demonstrate the adequate skills.
  • The course is equivalent CPD points.

Our course is delivered from our practise and clinical training centre in the heart of Birmingham.  We provide a comprehensive course designed to provide you with all the basic skills you require in order to provide an ear wax removal service in your practise.

We both distribute and produce some of the core consumables required for ear wax removal which we can provide at discounted cost for ouyrdelegates

The training is provided by one of our clinical lead audiologists Mr Zaman.  Mr Zaman has over 20 years of lecturing experience on the Astonuniversity audiology programme.  He has also been performing ear wax removal for over 10 years.

We always run a clinic with our training.  You will therefore be able to observe real patients coming in with genuine problems.


Our delegates will also have the opportunity to observe and train on real ears.  We will also train on one another as well as training on realistic dummy ears.  You will therefore be able to observe real patients coming in with genuine problems.

We will run this course for a maximum of 4 delegates – however for larger groups we can either provide multiple trainers on the same day or run multiple days to get everyone trained.

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